Solutions by Industry


Manufacturers are facing an increasingly fast paced marketplace, forcing businesses to be more agile and flexible. With the help from advanced technologies, you can squeeze more efficiency out of your daily operations.

ManufacturingInnovative solutions can significantly improve manufacturing processes by delivering access to real-time information across the supply chain and providing the following benefits:

  • Fast return on investment in the form of saved time, increased efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced number of errors by replacing paper based operations with automated ordering and shipment tracking
  • Improved efficiency across all operations with real time information
  • Optimised tracking of materials throughout your facility
  • Faster commissioning processes with speech enabled solutions
  • Enhanced inventory checks and asset management
  • Provide lifetime product tracking and security authentication
  • Meet traceability requirements imposed by regulatory and government entities

The Barcode Warehouse solution team will work with you to build a complete solution that integrates with your enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and provides an accurate, long-lasting, end-to-end reliable solution to track and identify every part, every time.

With many years of experience and a wide product portfolio, ranging from ruggedised hardware, vehicle mounted terminals, direct part marking solutions through wireless networking and software to speciality, custom made media providing cradle-to-grave identification, The Barcode Warehouse can help you to automate data collection and data handling processes, whatever your business requirements.

For more advanced applications, The Barcode Warehouse can also offer Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions, helping you to completely eliminate the need for paper based operations and gain up-to-the-minute visibility of your production line.