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Mobile solutions can significantly improve operational efficiencies and enhance communications across critical government applications.

Police ScanInvestment in new technology is a proven way of increasing an organisation’s safety and productivity, and reducing its operational costs. Investment in a basic barcoding or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution can be a cost effective way to improve many operations such as public safety, access control, records administration, ticketing and asset management.

The Barcode Warehouse offers a broad portfolio of industry leading hardware, software, wireless networking and services to provide a solution to meet even the most demanding applications. With an integrated mobile solution your government department could:

  • Enhance access to mission critical information, even when on the move
  • Increase productivity, by enabling your workers to work inside and outside the four walls
  • Reduce number of errors and issues, and improve collection of fees with automated data collection
  • Provide better service with shorter waiting times and increased access to public information
  • Reduce paper usage, stationary and postage through the elimination of paper based processes
  • Protect people, facilities and assets with improved security
  • Lower total cost of ownership by investing in ruggedised solutions
  • Reduce carbon footprint with improved work scheduling and route optimisation
  • Reduce downtime with comprehensive maintenance cover and mobile device management

When selecting provider of a mobile solution it is important to choose the industry leader with proven experience of delivering innovative technologies.

The Barcode Warehouse has extensive product knowledge and years of experience in delivering mobile solutions and will work with you to identify all the opportunities where mobile technology can enhance your business. If you are already using mobile technology we can help you to upgrade or even provide complete maintenance and management services to make sure you get the most out of your existing solution.