Solutions by Industry


Every year thousands of patients in the UK are misidentified and given incorrect care. The Barcode Warehouse offers a range of solutions that can reduce errors and help you to comply with NPSA legislation.

Patient ScanIntroducing the latest technology will help you to improve patient safety, while increasing productivity, reducing number of errors and operational costs. Moreover, the cost of investment in new solutions will quickly be offset by the benefits provided, including:

  • Increased productivity through elimination of paper based processes & manual data entry
  • Improved asset management and inventory control
  • Enhanced security of staff, patients and their privacy
  • Reduction in extra bed days caused by errors in patient care
  • Savings made in compensation resulting from human errors

The Barcode Warehouse is proud to work with over 150 of the UK’s NHS trusts to supply and maintain data capture solutions for a complete range of applications including:

  • Patient Wristbanding
  • Blood Labelling & Tracking
  • Patient Journey Solutions
  • Bedside Drug Dispensing
  • Staff & Visitor ID Management
  • Electronic Patient Casenote Tracking
  • Asset Management
  • Specimen Collection
  • Pharmacy Solutions
  • Infection Control
  • Patient Records and Medical Administration

The Barcode Warehouse has expertise across a range of technologies used in healthcare, including barcoding, radio frequency identification, card based technologies and biometrics.

From mobile computers to wristband printers and even wireless networking, we work with industry leading hardware providers to ensure that every solution we deliver meets your specific requirements.

Finally, our consumables division can help you to order and re-order the consumables you need to protect patient identity and keep patient records up-to-date and accurate.