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Investment in the latest technology can maximise productivity and enhance overall customer service for utility businesses of all sizes, every step of the way, from asset and fleet management through to repair operations and field sales.

UtilitiesMillions of UK households and businesses depend on utilities everyday and ensuring undisturbed delivery of these services is a critical and challenging process. Secure, cost effective and reliable voice and data communications can improve your business efficiency and customer service while increasing revenue and reducing operational costs.

  • Increase the number of jobs completed per day with real-time job scheduling
  • Enhance cash flow with an automated transmit of billing information
  • Increase your customer base with face-to-face sale of energy contracts
  • Reduce travel costs and CO2 emissions using GPS to direct your engineers to every job
  • Gain better visibility of your assets using barcodes and scanners
  • Optimise your Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Improve customer satisfaction with shorter appointment slots and increase first time fix rates by ensuring your engineers have a full inventory of parts available
  • Improve data accuracy and security using wireless data transfer
  • Reduce admin costs associated with paper based processes
  • Identify where all your engineers are at any point in time to respond to emergency call outs quickly
  • Complete mobile forms and certification documents on the fly and send details wirelessly to the back office for faster invoicing
  • Print forms, receipts and certificates for your customers on the doorstep

Innovative technologies have proven to provide fast return on investment for utilities applications. With a wide range of mobile devices available on the market, and many different vendors, it is not an easy to know exactly what to look for to achieve the most benefits.

The Barcode Warehouse solution team will work with you to select a real-time mobility solution that allows information to flow seamlessly between your work teams, customers and infrastructure, outside and inside the four walls. In addition, The Barcode Warehouse offers a range of services, such as application support and remote device management to ensure your field teams can concentrate on their day-to-day tasks.