Asset Tracking

Even temporary unavailability of a low-value item can have a significant impact on business performance. Asset tracking solutions can give your business complete visibility of its assets throughout the supply chain, allowing you to do more with less equipment and fewer people.

Asset TrackingWhether you are looking to manage your mobile & fixed assets, such as IT equipment & infrastructure, vehicles, totes, pallets and cages or simply manage or consumable inventory, such as medical equipment, The Barcode Warehouse can provide you with a complete, cost effective and reliable solution that meets the specifics needs of your business. Make the most of your resources and gain accurate information about all costs associated with an asset, its location, condition and availability.

  • Reduce time spent on searching for missing items
  • Save money by eliminating unnecessary purchases of equipment  you already have
  • Smooth the management of warranties and maintenance contracts
  • Prevent theft, mismanagement and loss of equipment
  • Eliminate time spent on manual process and data entry
  • Standardise data collection processes
  • Improve inventory control and gain evidence for insurance purposes
  • Calculate monthly and annual depreciation
  • Avoid costly penalties by ensuring regulatory compliance

Barcoding technology is an affordable and effective technology that can solve a range of asset management challenges and deliver fast return on investment (ROI). Simply print and affix barcodes to each item and you can save yourself many man-hours and generate up to date reports in seconds. 

For more demanding or high value asset tracking applications, The Barcode Warehouse offers a range of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions. This advanced technology can carry information about inspections, service, usage and other data that can be read/written onto an RFID tag.

As well as providing hardware and software to meet your asset tracking requirements, our specialist consumables division can supply labels suitable for the most demanding conditions, such as extreme temperatures, sunlight, chemical or moisture from industry leading vendors.