Vehicle Tracking

In today’s competitive market, companies can no longer afford to be inefficient. Knowing where your vehicles are and where they have been is the key to a successful and efficient fleet management.

Vehicle TrackingCombine GPS and GPRS technology for a solution that can manage your vehicles beyond simply locating them on the map, allowing you to access detailed management information to plan successfully for the future. The Barcode Warehouse can provide a complete end-to-end vehicle tracking solution, across all industry sectors, so you can save your business money and enjoy the benefits.

  • Prevent unauthorised or private usage
  • Gain better control over your costs with more efficient time planning
  • Optimise route planning and reduce fuel consumption
  • Enhance productivity with faster job turnaround
  • Instantly locate vehicles for improved work scheduling
  • Lower your insurance premium
  • Gain access to delivery status information in real-time
  • Improve staff safety with hands-free calling facilities
  • Monitor driver behaviour and driving style
  • Protect your vehicles from theft
  • Comply with current driver safety legislation
  • Receive instant reports on vehicle journeys, drivers daily activities and more

In partnership with industry leading vendors, The Barcode Warehouse can offer advanced and cost effective vehicle tracking solutions, full support during the integration, consultancy and support capabilities.