Wireless Networking

Wireless networking solutions bring incredible productivity and new efficiencies to businesses of all sizes, inside and outside the four walls.

Wireless NetworkingMany applications, from back-office inventory tracking, mobile printing, and point-of-sale terminals to front office e-mail, Internet access, and advanced services such as voice over WLAN and location tracking, rely on wireless connectivity.

The Barcode Warehouse can help you to design and configure a secure and fast wireless network in no time so you can get the most out of your investment and enjoy benefits including:

  • Indoor and outdoor connectivity, beyond the reach of wired LANs
  • Flexibility with network access in meeting rooms and for your guests
  • Affordable and easy deployment, without wires and costly trenching
  • Reduction in the cost of future changes to your IT infrastructure
  • Improved performance with enhanced speed and security
  • Enhanced productivity, with a mobile office
  • Reduced amount of errors by replacing paper with wireless output
  • Lower support & maintenance costs

Wireless networking is an ideal solution for industries where traditional networks are impractical, such as warehousing or manufacturing, but can improve performance in all industry sectors and provide fast return on investment due to following factors:

  • No cabling cost
  • Mobility within the building and outside
  • Convenience – no need to plug in
  • Flexibility of adding new users and changing work space
  • Better use of office space
  • Ease of collaboration with others

There are many factors that need to be considered when choosing a wireless network. The Barcode Warehouse will work with you to choose a wireless network that meets your business needs and delivers maximum through-put, reliability and security. Our wireless offering covers all areas, including network security and management, digital archiving, IP infrastructure, disaster recovery and more.